10 Foot Care Tips & Tricks for Sandal Season

1. If you have dry cracked heels, try an exfoliating wrap to peel off the dead skin.

kocostar-wrap2. Soak your feet in warm water, then use a foot scrub to rub off excess skin.

spongelle3. Don’t go barefoot! Wear footwear to avoid foot fungus and diseases.

pretty-feet4. Make sure your shoes actually fit. Wearing the wrong sized shoes can lead to painful foot ailments.

colorblock-heels5. Switch out your metal nail files to a glass file. Glass files can be cleaned and are easy to use.

TN_209-001-00_italian-glass-emery-nail-file6. Give yourself a foot massage with a tennis ball.

url7. Use a shoe deodorizer to keep clean and prevent foot odor.

HR_105-362-00_tectron-scent-free-odor-eliminator8. Clean and disinfect your pedicure tools after each use.


9. Give your cuticles a little lovin’.


10. Moisturize! Don’t forget to lather on your favorite lotion or creme. It works great if you put on socks after applying lotion.




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