Mother’s Day 2015 Gift Guide

mothers-dayMother’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t forget to pick up some essentials from FootFitter for the perfect gift.

Whether your mom likes to be pampered or just needs some shoe and foot care essentials, our gift guide gives you options for everyone.



10 Foot Care Tips & Tricks for Sandal Season

1. If you have dry cracked heels, try an exfoliating wrap to peel off the dead skin.

kocostar-wrap2. Soak your feet in warm water, then use a foot scrub to rub off excess skin.

spongelle3. Don’t go barefoot! Wear footwear to avoid foot fungus and diseases.

pretty-feet4. Make sure your shoes actually fit. Wearing the wrong sized shoes can lead to painful foot ailments.

colorblock-heels5. Switch out your metal nail files to a glass file. Glass files can be cleaned and are easy to use.

TN_209-001-00_italian-glass-emery-nail-file6. Give yourself a foot massage with a tennis ball.

url7. Use a shoe deodorizer to keep clean and prevent foot odor.

HR_105-362-00_tectron-scent-free-odor-eliminator8. Clean and disinfect your pedicure tools after each use.


9. Give your cuticles a little lovin’.


10. Moisturize! Don’t forget to lather on your favorite lotion or creme. It works great if you put on socks after applying lotion.