How to Keep Your Shoes in the Best Shape

black-shoe-treeWe’ve all been there: our favorite shoes getting squished and unshapely in the closet. We promote keeping your shoes clean and polished, but it’s easy to end up with crinkled, old looking shoes if you do not maintain it correctly. Trust us – learning the essentials of how to prevent your shoes from creasing will give your shoes a longer lifespan.

Our Tips:

  • Use a shoe tree! A shoe tree will preserve and hold the shape of your shoes while preventing creases. The natural aromatics of cedar shoe trees will not only keep your shoes smelling fresh, but absorb moisture as well.
  • Do not stack your shoes. It may save more room in your closet, but stacking shoes damages the material and makes it dirty.
  • Store them in a dark, temperature-controlled space. Keeping your shoes away from sunlight or extreme hot and cold temperatures will keep them in better condition.
  • Keep boots upright. Boot shapers are a great way to keep boots upright so the tops don’t flop over and create creases.

Check out our picks for keeping your shoes in tip top shape:


1. FootFitter Cedar Shoe Trees with Split Toe 2. Revolving 3 Tier Shoe Tree

3. Deluxe Flannel Shoe Bag w/ Drawstring 4. Cedar Boot Shaft Shapers


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