How to Protect Your Feet While Exercising


  1. Choose the right shoes – The type of shoe you choose should depend on what kind of activity you will be doing. Since each activity requires different support and flexibility, make sure you are choosing a shoe that will absorb shock and give you room to move.
  2. Replace worn out shoes – Worn out shoes do not provide your feet with the correct amount of support and protection. It is recommended to replace your running shoes every 350-500 miles.
  3. Wear socks! – Wearing the wrong socks could irritate your skin, cause blisters, and injury. Since socks provide cushion between your skin and shoes, make sure to find socks with enough cushion to prevent friction.
  4. Don’t work yourself too hard – Ease into your workout, whether it is a new routine or one you’ve been doing forever. If you put too much stress on your feet and body, it can cause more serious problems such as plantar fasciitis and tendinitis.
  5. Relax and give yourself a foot spa – If you have time, give yourself an at-home foot spa treatment. Whether it is soaking your feet in a nice bath or scrubbing away dead skin and calluses, this will help rejuvenate your feet and leave it feeling refreshed. Whatever it is, make sure to  moisturize.

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