Shoes for the Go

Just because we are on-the-go doesn’t mean we can’t take our best shoes with us. We’ve all had that problem where adding a pair of shoes can take up our whole bag. Whether you are going on a weekend trip or a day trip, bringing the right shoes are essential.

We have found some awesome backpacks that give us the option to store our shoes comfortably. See our picks below:
backpack herscheleastpak


How to Keep Your Shoes in the Best Shape

black-shoe-treeWe’ve all been there: our favorite shoes getting squished and unshapely in the closet. We promote keeping your shoes clean and polished, but it’s easy to end up with crinkled, old looking shoes if you do not maintain it correctly. Trust us – learning the essentials of how to prevent your shoes from creasing will give your shoes a longer lifespan.

Our Tips:

  • Use a shoe tree! A shoe tree will preserve and hold the shape of your shoes while preventing creases. The natural aromatics of cedar shoe trees will not only keep your shoes smelling fresh, but absorb moisture as well.
  • Do not stack your shoes. It may save more room in your closet, but stacking shoes damages the material and makes it dirty.
  • Store them in a dark, temperature-controlled space. Keeping your shoes away from sunlight or extreme hot and cold temperatures will keep them in better condition.
  • Keep boots upright. Boot shapers are a great way to keep boots upright so the tops don’t flop over and create creases.

Check out our picks for keeping your shoes in tip top shape:


1. FootFitter Cedar Shoe Trees with Split Toe 2. Revolving 3 Tier Shoe Tree

3. Deluxe Flannel Shoe Bag w/ Drawstring 4. Cedar Boot Shaft Shapers

Tips for Cleaning White Shoes

If you have white shoes or white anything, you know it can be a pain to clean them. No matter how hard you try, white shoes always get dirty — so, we have come up with a few tips to quickly clean white shoes.

  • RUBBER – Take a cloth, apply a generous amount of soap, apply on shoes, then scrub thoroughly with a toothbrush. Wash off the soap with a clean cloth.
  • LEATHER – Clean off dust/debris with a clean cloth. Apply a shoe polish or cleaner with a shoe brush, then buff off any excess polish with a clean cloth.
  • SUEDE – Use a suede cleaning brush to remove dirt. For stubborn marks, try using a pencil eraser. Apply a suede protector after cleaning.
  • ATHLETIC – Mix water and soap in a bucket. Dip a toothbrush or sponge into the mixture, then scrub off dirt and scuff marks. Rinse off your shoe and stuff with paper or cloths to help it dry and keep the shape.
  • SNEAKERS – If you decide to clean your sneakers by using a washing machine, make sure to use the warm cycle. Add detergent, then let it air out overnight. Do not use a dryer since it can destroy your shoes or dryer.

Hopefully these quick tips will help you clean your white shoes. Let us know if you have any tricks of your own.

Paris Fashion Week Footwear Roundup

 From the runway to the streets, Paris Fashion Week is all about fashion and footwear. Whether it is a new trend or a collaboration of classic with a twist, the unique styles are definitely eye catching. See our Paris Fashion Week footwear roundup below.

What was your favorite style/trend for this season?

chloe-heelsBallet meets boho boots at Chloe

sneakersStreet style in Adidas

lacedCorseted boots at Giambattista Valli

furry-shoesFurry boots at Fendi