Going to the Mountains

566525Going to the mountains this weekend? Well, don’t forget your shoe chains to help with traction and stability.

Shoe chains can help prevent you from falling or slipping on sleek surfaces. These accessories are also easy and fast to take on and off, so you can use them at any time. Stay safe and prepared in this winter weather.



Tips for the Perfect Pedicure

French pedicure

  1. Remove Polish – Make sure to thoroughly remove old nail polish before starting your pedicure.
  2. Cut and File Nails – Style nails to your desired shape and length. Use a sharp nail clipper and file to avoid breaking nails. Dull clippers and files can make nails brittle and break.
  3. Soak Your Feet – Use a nice foot soak to soften skin.
  4. Clean and Trim Cuticles – If you are comfortable with cutting your own cuticles, cuticle nippers are a great tool to cut and clean excess skin. It is recommended to apply a cuticle cream beforehand to soften cuticles.
  5. Scrub Your Feet – Whether you want to use a sponge or a foot scrub for your feet, both are great ways to get rid of dead and dry skin.
  6. Moisturize – After cleaning with feet with clean water, make sure to apply a foot creme to lock in the moisturizer.
  7. Apply Polish – Apply a nail thickener or base coat, choose your favorite polish, apply the top coat, and voila! You’re done!