Word From The Wise #10


Improve yourself. Wednesday Words.


Let’s Go Hiking!

Even with the cool winter weather, hiking can still be fun and a great way to exercise. With the cold weather in mind, we have curated a list of socks that are not only great for keeping you warm, but provides you with all the protection you need.


Drymax 1/4 Crew Turndown – Provides extra ankle protection while sealing the top to keep out dirt. The fold down leg gives you flexibility and comfort.


Feetures Bamboo Light Hiking Socks – The bamboo provides breathability while wicking away moisture and odor.


FoxRiver Organic Hiking Socks – Cushioned toe and sole provides extra comfort and protection while the merino wool keeps feet cool and dry.

Keep a Clean Stride

white-shoesKeeping a clean stride can be quite a task. Shoes can get dirty from walking around all day, so here are a few tips on how to keep shoes clean:

  • Polish or wax your shoes to revamp the color and to preserve the leather. W.S. Robson’s Shoe Polish not only shine your shoes, but helps soften and waterproof the leather.
  • Use a protecting spray. The Kiwi Protect-All spray is great for all types of materials and colors.
  • Shoe trees are a must-have. Using a cedar shoe tree preserves the shape of your shoe and prevents creases. It also absorbs moisture and has a natural fresh scent.