5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Feet


  1. Wear Supportive Shoes – Wearing supportive shoes will help promote better bone alignment and muscle function. Find shoes that even distributes your weight and absorbs shock.
  2. Find the Correct Shoe Size – Have your feet measured to find the correct shoe size. Wearing too tight or loose fitting shoes can cause various foot problems such as bunions.
  3. Clean and Moisturize Your Feet – Buff away dead skin and calluses to keep feet clean and fresh. Remember to moisturize to prevent dry, cracked feet.
  4. Change Your Socks – Make sure you wear clean socks with breathable fabrics. Depending on your current activity, there are a wide selection of socks that cater to active and casual lifestyles.
  5. Stretch Your Feet – Relieve tension and stress caused from daily activities by stretching. Stretching can also help prevent future injuries.

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