Which type of shoe polish is best for your shoes?

If you’re shopping for shoe polishes, it can be difficult to decide between cream, paste, or wax. Here are a few quick tips in deciding which polish to get:

-Cream or Paste Polish: If you’re looking to moisturize your leather and keep it flexible, this is your go-to polish. It not only helps restore the color, but soaks into the leather and helps it breathe.

-Wax Polish: If you’re looking for the ultimate shine, wax polishes are the way to go. It shines much better than creams/pastes, but it can dry out your leather over time.

-Liquid Polish: Although it gives your shoes a quick and easy, it can dry out the leather over time.

-Water/Stain Protecting Spray: Helps protects your shoes from water, but does not restore the shoes’ color.


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