Healthy Stretching Tips



Stretching not only helps reduce muscle tension, but also helps increase the range of movement in your joints. Keep your body coordinated while increasing blood circulation with these 4 basic moves.

1. Hamstring/Quad Stretch – Sit flat on the floor with one leg out and one leg tucked under. Reach your hands towards your feet and pull towards your body.

2. Foot Stretch – Place a ball underneath your foot. Roll it back and forth underneath your arch.

3. Calf Stretch – Stand at arm’s length away from a wall. Place your right foot behind your left foot. With your hands against the wall for support, slowly bend your left knee forward, keeping your right knee straight, your right heel on the floor, and your left knee above your left foot. Hold for about 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

4. Hamstring Stretch – Lie on your back, both legs straight, and place a long strap around the ball of your right foot. Using the strap, lift your leg until you feel a stretch behind your knee and thigh. (Make sure your knee’s not locked.) Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat two more times, then switch legs.


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