Fall Beauty Buys


Here’s our Fall Beauty Must-Haves! See all the reasons and reviews below:

1. Saicara Foot Soft – Amazing, non-greasy foot balm. Since Fall tends to leave you with dry skin, apply this right after you shower or before bed then throw on some cozy socks so the lotion penetrates into your skin.

2. Pedifix Heel Sleeves – It has a Visco-Gel on the inside of the heel sleeves which helps moisturize the area. We love it since the gel is only on the heel and doesn’t leave a mess elsewhere. Can be worn day or night.

3. Saicara Foot Energy Bath – This item is really perfect for any time of the year, not just Fall. I mean, who doesn’t want a personal spa treatment for their feet after a long day?

4. Italian Glass Nail File – Well, we know your skin and feet are important to take care of, but don’t forget about the nails! Loving this Italian Glass Nail File since it practically lasts forever and can be sanitized, unlike traditional files.

5. Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream – Lemony fresh scent with a buttery texture is the perfect combo for a beauty treatment. This cuticle cream moisturizes and nourishes your skin and nails. Great product to use after filing your nails.

6. Richer Poorer Socks –  Now I know socks aren’t exactly a “beauty” item, but this is a must-have on our list. It’s Fall, we always wear boots, so why not get some cute socks to go with it? Not only that, but socks are great for wearing after you apply an intensive moisturizer on your feet.


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