Feet in the Sand

Have you ever gone to the beach and came home feeling like your skin was newly exfoliated — like you just got a body scrub? Well, I do.  After sticking my feet in the sand and splashing in the salty ocean, my skin feels rejuvenated and clean of dead skin (sorry, sounds gross — but true). Although I would love to have my skin feeling fresh and exfoliated everyday, it is impossible to go to the beach when there’s work, school, weather changes, or what have you.

We started digging around here at FootFitter (and no, not digging in the sand, but online), and found some amazing exfoliates and lotions that give your skin a similar, fresh-from-the-beach feeling. See these products and try it out for yourself. Nobody wants dry feet, so give it a little special care.


Pedifix Sea and Sand Exfoliating Scrub

barielleBarielle Rejuvenating Foot Treatment

foot-fileElina Foot File

….And if you are one of the lucky ones who can get to the beach often, this is a perfect and relaxing solution 😉

beachNewport Beach, CA


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