Find Your Perfect SOLEMATE

We all know finding the perfect soul mate in life is important, but so is finding the perfect SOLEMATE for your shoes and feet. Wearing gorgeous shoes does not always feel as good as it looks. Seriously … why go through all this pain when you can get comfy insoles for almost any type of shoe? See our recommendations to help you find your perfect solemate. 😉


Vince Camuto Fontanela $139, Luxe Red Carpet Open Toe Insoles $49.95


Sam Edelman Lynn $70, Birkenstock Full Length Air Cushion Insoles $21.95


Tory Burch Thora Sandal $125, Lady’s Secret Anti-Skid Insoles $8.95


Nike Free 5.0 $100, Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles $24.95


Benefits of a Shoe Horn

Long, short, metal, wood, plastic … the list goes on! There are tons of different types of shoe horns, but all of them have the same amazing benefits! Whether you have trouble putting on your shoes or don’t want to ruin the back of your shoes (the shoes’ counter), using a shoe horn is a must. It prevents straining your lower body AND saves your shoes!


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