Tips & Ideas: No Pain, No Gain!

nopain,nogainEvery wonder why your shoes hurt your feet and really have no idea…Well maybe these tips can help you prevent the pain.

1. Stretch your shoes.

Shoe/boot stretchers can help widen OR lengthen the shoe/boot. This is a lifetime investment because it can be used in all your shoes and it never wears out. Go here to read more about Shoe Stretchers.

HR_101-008_footfitter-professional-2-way-single-shoe-stretcher_747x560Product: FootFitter Professional 2-Way Single Shoe Stretcher

2. Use a Shoe Tree

Shoe Trees are useful when it comes to reducing pain when wearing shoes. Shoe Trees are items you place in your shoes after they’ve been worn to preserve their shape. The Shoe Tree absorbs all moisture from the inside of the shoe which helps it mold back to its original form, therefore the leather of your shoe is not left stretched or loose. If your shoe is left loose then this will create blisters and/or irritation. Read more about Shoe Trees.

HR_102-008-00_footfitter-exclusive-european-style-cedar-shoe-tree_2_746x560Product: FootFitter Exclusive European Style Cedar Shoe Tree

3. Use a Shoe Stretch Spray

 Shoe Stretch Spray is specially designed to penetrate shoe leather quickly and relax the fibers for easy stretching. It is a recommended spraying the inside or outside of your shoe with the shoe stretch spray and using a FootFitter Shoe Stretcher to bring your shoe to its desired size.

HR_105-001_footfitter-shoe-stretch-spray_4Product: FootFitter Shoe Stretch Spray

4. Use a Shoe Horn

The best thing to do when putting on your shoes is to use a shoe horn. This will prevent the back of your shoe from breaking down and creating blisters. This will help with the lifespan of your shoes and will last longer.


Product: Handcrafted 28″ Long Teak Wood Shoe Horn

4. Shoe Laces

The way we tie shoe laces can affect the pain that is created when wearing shoes. If we tie our shoe laces too tight this can stop our blood circulation or hurt the top of the foot and cause some damage says We need to be careful how tight we tie our shoe laces and what shoe laces we are using with our shoes. Secondly, its just not cool to wear your shoe laces so tight. This cramps the style of the shoe.


Product: Stolen Riches Shoe Laces – 32″

5. Insoles

Anybody can benefit from using insoles, insoles are not only for runners or people that do sports for a living. Insoles benefit people of everyday living. The insoles we use in our shoes can alleviate a lot of pain in our bodies.


Product: Pedag Comfort 3/4 Insoles

6. Socks

The socks one chooses to wear with shoes is important. If a socks is too tight at the calf or ankle this can create pain and/or bad blood circulation which creates a tingling feeling in your foot. The same happens when there is no room at the forefront of the foot. Where your toes lay in a sock, there should be room. A great sock for this is Darn Tough Socks. They got this right!


Product: Darn Tough Merino Wool Small Stripe Crew Sock, Men’s – Charcoal


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