Fashion & Style: Cuffed?

7b7cd347b7bce000156f3a0d3d453de4picture: The Trashness Blog

7b90f3c7a4247be1724448e73891e7f0picture: J.Crew

243a4f7f856245f2252c86cbe66f03cdpicture: I am Galla

8933b33faa24a0ecc7a95330211d9a47picture: Pinterest

1406498fad6b9a90ac4c01f8db93e1d4picture: Lone Flag

aa612478efae73ad7e098fd696b67477picture: Pinterest

b572852f3d8465a5e4129641c8b99717picture: Menstyle1 

While scrolling through blogs and researching trends, I came across this trend, it is all over the web! The cuffed pants or some may call it rolled or folded at the bottom. This is a great way to shoe off your socks, shoes laces and shoes, which are growing trends at the moment too. It helps to do this when wearing boots because sometimes the jean leg is to small to go over the boot. The cuffed bottom look is a great style. It fits any category; suit, hipster, formal, casual, etc. Make it your own!


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