Tips & Ideas: Waterproofing your shoes, Ladies!


Ladies! This is vitally important for us! How many of you have thrown away a pair of flats or suede shoes after a Fall/Winter season because they were damaged by the snow or rain?

These tips are for you to help you prevent this from happening. It takes 10 minutes. Its worth it and its not a drag! Your shoes stay clean, healthy and just like new!

  1. If your shoes are dirty, use the FootFitter Nubuck and Suede Soft Gum Cleaner to clean any marks on your shoe.
  2. The shoe must be dry before applying the protector.
  3. Avoid any flammable area.
  4. Spray the entire shoe lightly and evenly using the protector spray.
  5. Allow this to dry.
  6. Re-apply the protector spray.
  7. Then spray shoes again after worn in wet weather.




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