Tips & Ideas: What are Shoe Trees?

What are Shoe Trees?

Shoe Trees are items you place in your shoes after they’ve been worn to preserve their shape. The Shoe Tree absorbs all moisture from the inside of the shoe which helps it mold back to its original form, therefore the leather of your shoe is not left stretched or loose. The Shoe Tree maintains your shoe size and original shape. When the shoe trees have been in the shoe for about an hour or two the shoe shape will be at its original shape. This is when the shoe trees can be removed and left out to dry. The shoe trees range from a variety of sizes from men’s to women’s sizes.

Another reason we use shoe trees, is not only to help the shoe that is worn to maintain its original shape and to stop the creasing process, but for the shoe shape to maintain its size when the shoe is not being worn.  If we do not have a shoe tree in your shoe when it is not being worn over a long period then you will need to purchase a shoe stretcher.

Why use Shoe Trees?

Walking around all day in your shoes creates the leather to expand because of the heat that your foot creates while walking. Cedar Wood Shoe Trees allow your recently worn shoes to contract and dry out to their ideal shape causing them to maintain the life of your shoes longer than usual. The leather is restored to its shape and it is not damaged by the sweat created by your foot. The shoe tree keeps the shoe from becoming creased-looking, especially at the front-top of the shoe and at the back of the ankle/heel.

Shoe Trees can also be used as a substitute when you are polishing your shoes.

The Different types of Shoe Trees

The two popular materials made for shoe trees are wood and plastic. The question is… which one do you purchase and why?

The wooden shoe trees are made to absorb moisture and possible foot odor after removing your shoes. The plastic shoe trees are made for traveling. When you travel, place the plastic shoe trees inside your shoe and it will maintain its shape while traveling.

There is a third shoe tree that you can use. This is the Foam Shoe Trees available here:  that can be used for traveling. They are designed to perfectly fit your shoes. These are machine washable, CFC-free, and antibacterial treated for a clean storage solution.

Which Shoe Trees to purchase?

Make sure you do your research. If you own an expensive pair of shoes, I would invest in a great shoe tree. When I say great I mean a Cedar shoe Tree.  This absorbs the moisture and helps a little with the odor in the shoe.

When purchasing a shoe tree you need to be aware of the shape of the shoe tree. Certain shoe tree shapes can actually damage a shoe because it is too wide and ends up stretching the shoe.

Eg. See below


There are many different types of shoe trees and looks to shoe trees.  Whatever shoe tree appeals to you, style wise, make sure it functions well and does the job. Do not just buy it because it’s got style in your shoe.

There is no need to own a pair of shoe trees for every pair of shoes.

To shop for shoe trees and see a variety of makes go here:


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